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Alina Craft Design Team Share

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my Blog & thank you for stopping by. Some of you may know that i am now a member of Alina Crafts Design Team. I am thrilled to be part of her Team & really looking forward to sharing lots of new products & examples with you.

Alot of the Dies that you see above in the picture are new releases in Alina's store on AliExpress. I will put all the links at the end of this post as well as in the description of my Youtube video. Today i only have a few examples to share with you but i will be bringing you lots more next week so make sure you don't miss them.

Please make sure you check out my Youtube video where you can see all the Dies in better detail & also the projects/examples i made with them.

Here are the links to all the Dies :

Little Girl Die
SmallTreat Bag Die
Circle Heart Border Dies
Large Treat Box Die
Square Heart Frame Dies
Diamond Lattice Background Die
Swirly Butterfly Die
Large Layered Flower Dies
Crafty Mail Stamp set
Happy Birthday Die

Gorgeous Wreath Easel Card

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my craft Blog & thank you for popping by. I am really pleased with Today's project & i hope you are to! This is an Easel card that has the most gorgeous Wreath attached to the top of the card.  The great thing is that it folds down flat so you can put it in a regular envelope. I love this card & i think it would be perfect for a Mothers Day card.

I used a cute bow die to decorate my wreath but you could also use Flowers or Butterfly's etc.  Anything you like really, its so versatile. I also made my card base from a lovely layering die set i have but again you don't need to use fancy dies. If you want to use a plain card base just cut your card to 5" x 10 & score the long side @ 2 1/2" & 5". To make the wreath i just used some plain circle dies but if you don't have them you could draw round a CD or even a plate! Then just cut it out with some scissors.

The Pink & Black card was made with a paper pad by DoC…

Creative Options Craft storage Box

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by today. I just wanted to share this amazing craft storage box with you that i was very kindly sent from a company called Creative Options. I love it and its perfect to store all of my crafty bits and bobs. I love the way that its all contained together and it saves me from going to different storage boxes to find things.

The size of the box i got sent is a small and you can also get Medium and Large. The small one has 4 storage boxes inside which has loads of little compartments to hold all your bits and bobs. The lid also lifts off and there is a good size storage space in there. I put my bottles of craft glitter in there. There is also a carry handle so its really easy to transport.  I was sent the blue and black colour and you can also get it in pink and black.

These storage systems are great for your craft room and i am sure that i will be going off to order the medium size or the Large. I just love the way they look an…

Fun Pull Out Accordion Style Card!

Hi everyone,
Happy Saturday!!! I hope you all have a great Crafty weekend! At some point over the Weekend i am off to HobbyCraft!! I love that shop but don't get to go very often as its a bit of a drive so really looking forward to going. I will probably end up getting craft supplies i don't need but hey lol never mind :-) The way i see it is, i don't drink or smoke and i don't go out or buy expensive clothes etc so this is my treat :-)

So i wanted to share this cool pull out accordion style card with you. I have seen them around and thought they looked pretty cool. As Valentines Day is getting closer, i thought i would make it in a Valentines theme. When you open it out, it says 'I love you', how sweet.  I love the Red & Black and it looks very striking. I hope you like it to.

It all folds in and is kept together with a belly band. I had a lovely pack of gold foil ephemera so i glued a Butterfly on the front of the Belly Band. I think the Gold & White… Bunting Die Review!!

Hi Everyone,

Today i have the pleasure of reviewing a Die from a company called craftaddictionuk. Please go and check out the website as there is lots of lovely dies on there.
I am reviewing a very large bunting Die. The die was designed by the owner of the company and he will be bringing out more of his designs in the near future.

As i said its a very large die and it measures 4 3/4" x 3 5/8". I loved how sturdy it was and the paper just fell out of the die when i ran it through the Bigshot. The stitching around the outside of the Die is a lovely feature.

I made a really cool banner for my craft room which spells out my name (positivelypapercraft) I also added some cute little scissor die cuts that i had in my stash. It looks gorgeous hung up in my room.

I also made a card with the die so its not just for Bunting. With it being a very large die, it makes a whole card front and all you have to do is decorate it.

If i get a chance i am also going to make a 'Craft Room…

Gorgeous Flip Flap/Shutter card Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Blog and thank you for stopping by!!
I am really pleased with Today's project and i think you will be to! I am calling this a Flip Flap/Shutter card. It reminds me of those shutter blinds that people have in there window. Its a really cool design.

I came across this type of card on another YouTube channel called JK arts. I did make some changes to the measurements and also simplified the instructions a little as i found them a little tricky to follow. Please don't be put off thinking it looks really hard and complicated...its really not!!

I think this card would be great for Valentines Day but you could also change the Hearts for Cakes or Balloons and turn it into a Birthday card. It would also be great as a Mothers Day card.

Another thing i like about this card is that it folds totally flat. It also stands up perfectly to. A really great card for lots of different occasions.