Thursday 31 January 2019

Lets Talk Trimmers! (My honest opinion)

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my Blog & thank you for stopping by!  Today i wanted to talk about paper Trimmers/Guillotines. These Tools are an essential part in paper crafting and can really effect the look of your projects. That is why i have done this review. I have 5 Trimmers (Paper crafting is VERY addictive) which consists of 3 Guillotines and 2 paper Trimmers. These are the 5 that i choose to use, there are obviously more on the market that may even be better but this is my choice.

Tonic Studios Guillotine 

Positivelypapercraft Trimmer review
First off, i am going to start with the BEST Guillotine i have EVER had!! WOW this is amazing and i really can't put into words how awesome this Guillotine is. I had my eye on this for over 1 year but seeing as i already owned 4 cutting tools, i didn't buy it. When i left SU back in December and started doing my own monthly craft kit, i am cutting huge batches of card sometimes and thats when i gave in and bought it.
I am so happy i did!! This slices through 350/400 GSM card without any effort. I have know doubt it will cut even thicker (Chipboard etc) If you are looking for a new paper cutter then this is my choice.
It extends out to 12 1/2" so cutting 12 x 12" paper is know problem. I have provided a link in case you wish to purchase one of these Tonic Studios Guillotine

WoodWare Finger Guard Trimmer

Positivelypapercraft Trimmer review
My next favourite is this finger guard trimmer from Woodware. I have had this Trimmer for about 2 years and its my 'go to' Trimmer. I use it daily and i HIGHLY recommend it. I have nothing bad to say about this Trimmer whatsoever!! It cuts using a rotary blade so you get clean, crisp cuts every time.
Another great thing about this Trimmer is the fact you can change the blades and give your cards some fancy edges! For example: you have a pinking blade, scallop blade, Victorian, scoring & perforated. There may even be 1 or 2 more. The blades just drop in and as its a safety trimmer, you have know fear of cutting yourself!
The Trimmer has an extending arm which goes right up to 16" so you can even cut A3 card/paper!  The blades rarely need changing but you also need to replace the grey cutting strip. They are inexpensive to purchase and you will get 4 uses out of 1 cutting strip.
I would buy this Trimmer again and when this one needs replacing for whatever reason, i have know doubt at all that i will buy one again.
I have provided a link if you would like to purchase this Woodware Trimmer

Fiskars A5 Guillotine 


My 3rd choice is this 5 1/4" Guillotine by Fiskars. This is a perfect size to pop in your bag if you are going to craft classes etc. There is nothing bad to say about this little Guillotine! It will cut thick/heavy card stock without any problems and will give you a perfect clean, crisp cut. Obviously you can not cut 12 x 12" paper on this one but you can cut A4 card (length ways)
Again i have provided a link in case you wish to purchase this Fiskars Guillotine

Tonic/Tim Holtz Mini Guillotine


My 4th choice is this little Tim Holtz/Tonic Guillotine. Again, there is nothing bad to say about it. You get a perfect, clean crisp cut every time and this will also fit into your bag if you are going to craft class etc. This trimmer is 6" wide so perfect for cutting your 6 x 6" papers. An ideal choice if you are looking for a smaller Guillotine. 
I have provided a link if you are interested in purchasing one of these Guillotines

Stampin' Up Trimmer

The last on my list is the Trimmer/scoring Tool from Stampin' Up. I have has this Trimmer about 3 years now and i purchased it while i was a Demonstrator for SU.  This is my last choice purely because i am not happy with the cutting aspect. I never seem to get clean, crisp cuts and all i use this Trimmer for now is the scoring feature.
You get a cutting blade and a scoring blade on the track so you don't have to keep changing them over to switch between scoring and cutting. This Trimmer also cuts 12 x 12" paper/card. It has an extending arm and also a safety feature where you can lock the cutting track to prevent little hands from getting in!
I do like the scoring feature on this but i just feel like you are forever changing Blades and just never get the clean cut that you need for card stock. My honest opinion is that i would not purchase this again.

So there we have it!! My honest opinion on the 5 Trimmers/Guillotines that i own. Please check out my YouTube video where you can see them all in action. I have placed the link at the end of this blog post.

I was not 'sponsored' in anyway to do this review. Some of the links i provided may be 'Affiliate' links which just means i will earn a small commission if you purchase any of these Trimmers through my links.

I will be back again very soon.

Love Ann xx


  1. Do you have to sharpen Thé blade on your big tonic or it is self sharpening blade. I am impressed

  2. When you say the grey cutting track gives you 4 uses what do you mean? At first I thought it has to be changed every forth time you make a cut but that can't be right... is it a square shape and you turn it round four times before it needs replacing? I've seen this one in action a lot and have really wanted to buy it, also love that it gives fancy edges too. I've been using my Stampin' Up! one for 2 years and didn't know it had a safety feature :D I've also found that if you put a piece of printer paper under your DSP or cardstock you get a much better cut every time and the blades last longer too... I was getting very frustrated at the amount of blades I had to buy but this has solved the problem. I have the Tim Holz and love it for doing large amounts of cutting of cardstock. It's a great little size, my only bug bare with it is that it has not safety catch. A great informative review, thank you! <3

  3. Thank You for sharing, Ann. I have the Fiskars Rotary Trimmer. And I love it. I would compare it to your WoodWare Finger Guard Trimmer. I never owned a Guillotine Cutter/Trimmer. So Forsure I will keep in mind the Tonic Studios Guillotine. Hugs A3 South Africa

  4. Hi Ann, many thanks for your thoughts and review on these, I have the small Discard and keep it on my work top as I craft, so handy and great little guillotine, highly recommend. Am interested in your Woodward trimmer had one of the early versions with changeable cartridges for all the different blades, another good trimmer.
    You say you've put links for each of the ones you've mentioned. Where do I find those links please?
    Glad to see you branched out. Regards Veronica

  5. Sorry, that should read Fiscars......not discard🤗

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