Sunday 15 October 2017

Acetate Front Card

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Blog! I hope you are all glad the Weekend is finally here!

Today i have used a Thinlit set that i have not used for a while. I thought it was about time i used it again. I am talking about the beautiful Detailed Floral Thinlits. They are so pretty.
Anyway i hope you like the card that i made today.

I think this would make a great Wedding card or even for a Girls Birthday. I really am so pleased with the finished card.

I only used 1 Ink colour which was Blushing Bride. I used the same colour card and also Whisper white for the inside.

I used the matching stamp stamp set which is the beautiful Floral Phrases. The piece of acetate was was glued to the back of the card and then i glued a piece of Blushing Bride over that to hide the seam.

I hope you like it.

Please join me tomorrow for my start of Easter Week on here and my YouTube Channel. 7 Days of back to back tutorials :-)

Thank you

 Bye for now


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