Thursday 22 February 2018

Another GENIUS Idea!!! Make your own die storage pockets!!

Hi Everyone,

I know that i don't normally post a tutorial on a Thursday but i just had to share this idea with you!!! I think it is soooo cool!!
As you know i am rather obsessed with the laminate pocket thing at the minute :-) I have had my thinking cap on again and i have came up with a really cool idea. I have made my own die storage pockets!!! How cool is that???

It works the same way as the bookmark pocket i made and the dashboard for the Travelers Notebook!!! So easy to do and all you need is a laminator and some A4 pouches!

I am so pleased with this idea, you will never need to buy pockets for your dies again!! Please check out my YouTube tutorial for full instructions.

Thank you!



  1. This I see amazing. Now why didn't I think of this.

  2. What a brilliant idea - Thankyou........ no prizes for guessing what I am off to do right now!!!!!

  3. Love this idea!!! Do u have a link to where you get your magnet sheets? I've ordered some and their not strong enough

  4. I've been trying to decide how to do die storage pockets. I like your idea best - and you can do different size pockets. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Great idea Ann and I'm busy making my own now

    Will share this on my blog etc and give you a mention too

    Happy crafting....


    PS I also live in the Co Durham area, small world!

  6. Thank you fabulous idea. Happy New Year .

  7. Hi there - I've just found this item & I'm blown away with it! I have hundreds of dies in all manner of storage but none really look right. I also have a box of pouches that haven't been used in ages- so - gonna have a go! Nice to have some home grown talent. Jo, Scarborough

  8. Looking for a bit of extra info. If I want to make a pocket that is 8x15 inches would a 9" laminator feed the 15" longer length through? I am assuming there is no restriction on the length, only the width. I was going to buy the 9" inch and someone suggested the 13 would be better but I am not sure I would ever laminate something with a width of 13" I want to make sure I understand. Some sellers sell laminating sheets and others sell pockets. I am no idea what the difference would be. I believe you said you bought A4 sheets? and I am not sure what the larger sheet is. Any extra info would be very appreciated. I would love to do this but I want to make sure to buy the correct supplies.

  9. How do you make the storage for smaller dies


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