Tuesday 24 April 2018

Week 4 The Happy Crafters Design Team-Bird Banter

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog and week 4 of the April design team.
Sadly this will be the last design team project from the Happy Crafters for a while. As i said last week i may start doing it again later in the year but we will see how things go.

I have had a great few months seeing the beautiful things the Ladies have made and i will miss it lots. I purchase the stamp sets myself and send them to the Ladies free of charge. It can get quite costly and at the minute its just not possible. I am not fortunate to have hundreds of customers and even though i work my fingers to the bone i still do not make very much.

Anyway, as usual i have linked the Ladies projects below. Please just click the links and it will take you direct to there blog.

Here is the link to Gemma's project:


Here is the link to Tracey's project:


Thank you

Ann xx

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