Sunday 13 October 2019

Beautiful Double Folding Shaker Frames

Shaker picture frame tutorial

Hi everyone,
Today i am back with this gorgeous double shaker picture frame. I love this and its really simple to make. It would make a fantastic gift for any occasion so i hope you like it and will give it a try for yourself. I made 2 versions, a Halloween one which i will picture below and this gorgeous Silhouette style. I got the images in a swap but i have been told they are from Hobby craft. Of course you can use whatever you have, Stamps, Photographs, Die cuts etc. I am just giving you the concept and the idea.

Shaker picture frames
Here is a picture of the Halloween one on the right.

I used large Frame dies to make mine but you can use any frame dies that you have. Anything like a circle or rectangle will do. You could even just use a paper trimmer or craft knife to make your own frames so dies are not essential to be honest.

With me using Dies i can not really give measurements as its likely that you will be using different ones to me. I just wanted to give you the idea. This would look fantastic in a Christmas theme!! You could have a Photograph in one side and i lovely Christmas scene in the other with shaker bits.

I will link my You Tube tutorial below so you can pop over and check it out!!

Bye for now

Ann xx

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