Tuesday 19 May 2020

DIY Mini 'Aqua' Bouquet!

Mini diy aqua bouquet

Hi everyone :-) 
Thank you for popping over to my Blog. If you follow me on Facebook you will know that yesterday i said i have the most adorable project coming up! Well here it is!! How cute is this??? This is my mini version of an aqua Bouquet. When you get a 'real' one, the box holds the Flowers which are wrapped in cellophane and have water inside. I am sure you have seen them or even had one yourself. This is just the cutest thing ever!!

Paper flower aqua bouquet

mini aqua bouquet

Its very simple to make and made in the same kind of way as my Flower Bag tutorial that i did the other day. The 'Aqua' box is just 2 pieces of card stock glued together so you don't even need a die for it. I also made a tiny envelope which i popped onto a tiny wooden peg! I stamped a sentiment onto some card so that the recipient can open the envelope and read the tiny message. How sweet is that! 

This little Bouquet would be amazing for all sorts of occasions. You could use them as table decorations at Weddings, Party's etc. It would also make a gorgeous gift for someone who may be in Hospital etc. Of course you can even make them to decorate your home, they look so sweet and really pretty. Of course the great thing is they won't die!

I am super proud of my creation and i hope you love it as much as me. Please make sure to check out my step by step tutorial. I will put a link to my video at the end of this post.

I hope you will make one for yourself :-) 

Bye for now

Love Ann xxx


  1. You have such clever ideas . . . I'm sending a "bouquet" of thanks!!!

  2. They are so lovely, do you make all the flowers as well, if so do you have a tutorial please

  3. Perfect to cheer up someone in hospital. Thank you Ann. X


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